Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler, is charged by Harry with “milking” her passing for gain

On Tuesday, Prince Harry’s book Spare was released in bookstores all around the world, and it appears that the former royal’s sales are going fairly well.

Harry’s candid autobiography covers a wide range of topics and include criticism of his sister-in-law Kate Middleton, brother Prince William, stepmother Camilla, father, the future King Charles, and his stepmother. Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s butler, and his mother, Princess Diana, were subjects of much of his writing.


Diana and Paul had a well-known tight relationship and essentially became best friends. Burrell has made public appearances numerous times over the years to discuss his friendship with the late princess, disclosing personal correspondence with her and giving his viewpoint on different regal issues.

But in Spare, Harry criticised Burrell, alleging that the former butler was speaking about Diana for nefarious reasons. Harry believes that the reason is not that he wants to be well-known, but rather that he wants money.

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For Prince Harry, this week has been busy. Two brand-new interviews, one with 60 Minutes and one with ITV, debuted over the weekend in several nations. Then, on Tuesday, his eagerly anticipated autobiography Spare was published.

Burrell wasn’t a nasty person, but Harry and William’s relationship with him altered when Harry, then 19 years old, went to Australia to work as an unpaid farmhand.

Diana and Paul Burrell. Photo: Antony Jones/UK Press via Getty Images

As previously indicated, Burrell has been very candid about his life as a member of the royal family and his friendship with Diana. But in 2003, his bond with her offspring completely broke down.

Burrell revealed some confidential admissions in his 2003 book A Royal Duty, which infuriated Harry. Even more, he and his brother issued a statement in which they charged Burrell with “a cold and overt treachery.”


Paul suggested that they meet with Harry and William to discuss his book in response. He also wanted to fill them in on the aspects of their mother’s life that they were not present for.

He continued, “I’d want to let them know what’s on my mind.

Harry and Paul started arguing with one another after that. Harry scolded his mother’s former butler in Spare, accusing him of “milking” his mother’s passing to make money. The publication of A Royal Duty, according to Harry, “made his blood boil.”


“Mummy’s former butler had written a tell-all that revealed nothing, in fact. It was just one man’s self-righteous, self-centered account of what happened.
My mother previously referred to this butler as a great friend and had complete faith in him. We also did. This, now,” Harry said.

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