Princess Diana’s painful divorce from Charles is brought to light by recently unearthed letters from her

The marriage between Princess Diana and the future King Charles was highly rocky. What at first appeared to be the most dazzling fairytale in royal history turned into a union filled of deceit, controversy, and even infidelity.

Charles and Diana finally divorced in 1992. But sadly, it didn’t take long for matters to get much worse when Diana spilled the beans about the abuse she received from the Royal Family and the mental health issues it caused in a notorious BBC interview in 1995.

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It was the icing on the cake for Charles and Diana, and a year later they got divorced.

Regardless of what each party may think of the other, divorces are virtually always contentious. Diana now reveals the details of the divorce process from her perspective in newly discovered letters that will be auctioned.

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Needless to say, it’s safe to state that nothing went well.

Throughout her life, Princess Diana had nothing but love from the British people. It tragically came to an end, as we all know, when she was killed in a vehicle accident in Paris in 1997.

Nicholl claims that Queen Elizabeth understood the necessity to preserve the monarchy’s prestige and the “harm it was creating to the monarchy as an institution.”

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Charles and Diana’s divorce was ultimately finalised. The Egyptian film producer Dodi Al Fayed, who passed away in the same car accident as Diana later that year, and the Princess fell in love in 1997.

During her tenure as a princess, Diana is said to have received a lot of letters. Two more letters, which express her actual sentiments on the divorce she and Charles shared, are due to be put up for sale.

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The 32 “emotionally” raw letters were written by Diana to her two friends, Susie and Tarek Kasseem, during the contentious breakup, according to the Mirror. Diana claimed that the divorce settlement had left her “on my knees” and that she suspected the royal family of bugging her phone.

One of the letters, dated April 28, 1996, provided fresh information regarding Diana’s separation from Charles. Because of how she was feeling mentally, she stated she had to cancel a trip to Italy and apologise to her friends.

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“I am going through a very difficult moment, and there is a lot of pressure on me from all directions. Sometimes it’s too hard to hold one’s head up, and today I’m just wishing for this divorce to happen because the potential cost is so high,” Diana stated.

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