Princess Kate’s Royal Ascot gown has divided fans – she employed the same tactic as the late Queen, according to a fashion expert

It goes without saying that the British Royal Family attends a number of customary events each year. Some are more religious in nature, while others are more about having fun and passing along traditions from previous generations to children.

One such event is held at Royal Ascot, the famed racecourse that hosts an annual week of horse racing. It was formed about 300 years ago, and the royals still make appearances, dressed up in spectacular ensembles that almost always include extraordinary hats.


While Kate Middleton has previously expressed a desire to avoid horses for one specific reason, she generally attends Royal Ascot from the royal box. King Charles and Queen Camilla arrived.

No, it appears Kate Middleton’s daring ensemble was the talk of the town over the weekend, and not for the right reasons…

The Royal Family appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony just a few weeks ago to commemorate Trooping the Colour. The historic event – commemorating the sovereign’s ‘birthday’ – was a major success, with royals and gathering monarchy supporters taking part in a large parade and a ceremonial flypast.


The Trooping the Colour ceremony isn’t exactly a chance for the royals to let loose and unwind. However, another occasion last week provided them with a much-deserved vacation as well as the opportunity to continue one of the most famous royal traditions.

Royal clothes are frequently in the news for a variety of reasons. But when it came to Royal Ascot, Kate Middleton’s gown had royal enthusiasts scratching their heads, with one piece even labelled “cheap.”


Kate arrived at Ascot with a stunning red Alexander McQueen gown. Her 2011 wedding gown was designed by the same couture house.

In addition to the gown, the Princess of Wales wore a stunning hat made by one of the Royal Family’s favourite milliners, Philip Treacy. According to Express, she also donned Jennifer Chamandi Lorenzo 105 Red Suede Pumps and a vintage Hermes Rio Red Leather Clutch.

Kate Middleton has been a member of the Royal Family for almost a decade, frequently appearing with the late Queen Elizabeth II. Indeed, it appears that her decision to wear a block colour was a long-used ploy by the Queen, as it made her clearly recognisable among the thousands of racegoers.

“The Princess of Wales seems to be employing one of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s sartorial tricks, wearing head-to-toe bold colours in order to be seen more easily,” royal fashion expert Christine Ross told Newsweek.

Karwai Tang/WireImage

“By wearing bright colours, even those in the farthest seats can claim to have seen the Princess of Wales.” Queen Elizabeth II used this as a significant tactic, demonstrating that both women understand the importance of their fashion choices.”

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