Prior to returning to royal life, Harry and Meghan Markle initially intended to spend a year outside of the UK

On May 19, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, living out their dream. Many believed at the time that Harry and Meghan and William and Kate would lead The Firm into the future, signalling the start and continuation of a new era for the Royal Family.

Naturally, we now know that didn’t occur, and three years later, Harry and Meghan are still excluded from the group.


Harry and Meghan were believed to have known exactly what they intended to accomplish at the time of their wedding. They were slated to spend nearly a year overseas before beginning their royal responsibilities, according to Harry’s former foreign policy adviser.

Their strategy, however, failed for two fundamental reasons. And who knows, perhaps that had anything to do with their choice to permanently depart the Royal Family?

The past few years for Harry and Meghan have been quite busy. Having said that, the four-member family has finally seems to find a home since leaving Buckingham Palace two years ago.


Meghan Markle discussed the decision she and Harry made to leave the UK in an interview with The Cut. The Duchess’ health and ties with the royal hierarchy were impacted by the British press’s scrutiny of her.

The tabloids argued that the intensive scrutiny was in the “public interest” because Harry and Meghan’s lives, as well as those of the other members of The Firm, were subsidised by taxpayers. The pair argued that as a result, rather than being supported by the public, they could work and make their own money.


Meghan revealed to The Cut that they believed “maybe all the noise will stop.”

Additionally, they urged the Royal Family to relocate to South Africa or Canada rather than the UK, which is a member of the Commonwealth.

Sadly, the reply was negative.

“Anything simply to… because we were disrupting the hierarchy’s dynamic merely by being here. So we say, “Okay, OK, let’s leave.” Delighted to,” Meghan recalled.

She continued by saying that their request wasn’t “reinventing the wheel” and that other members of the Royal Family had already received approval for the same arrangement.


Even though several other family members do the exact same thing, for some reason, we were not permitted to do it, Meghan stated.

Yet Harry and Meghan apparently had another significant plan before deciding to separate from the Royal Family. And perhaps today’s situation would be different if it had succeeded.

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