5 best relaxation techniques to relieve daily tension

In the face of daily stress caused by heavy work routines, it is essential to seek good relaxation techniques. They enable the relief of body tension and the emotional damage generated by anxiety, for example. To better understand the need to alleviate these concerns, psychologist Raíssa Palmiere stressed the importance of maintaining a calm and relaxed breath that can help regulate emotions through practices such as yoga and meditation.

According to her, habits that stimulate self-awareness and self-control teach the body to breathe well and completely, which is essential for physical and mental health. Knowing the need to find the right technique for each person, check out some possibilities:

1. Listen to relaxing songs

Spending time in the day listening to songs you find relaxing is a great way to relieve stress and soothe body and mind. To create the habit, plan a playlist of light songs that bring you feelings of peace and tranquility, and choose free time in your day to listen to it. Different sounds are able to slow the heartbeat and thus relieve the anguish.

2. Meditation


The meditation fits into a way of life that idealizes inner peace and free mental dispersions. His practice includes concentration, contemplation and relaxation techniques. It also requires our body an ability to look into our soul in reflection. To start meditating, look for a place with fresh air, choose a comfortable position, and focus on something positive. Then let your thoughts flow freely. Over time, you will notice a decrease in respiratory rate, muscle tension, and increased self-confidence.

3. Practicing creative and outdoor activities

Practicing creative activities contribute to positive feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. Choose something that pleases you like cooking, painting, playing games, sewing and focus on finishing the task. In the end, after spending time focused on manual exercises, you will have a pleasant delivery result. Outdoor practices can also help you. Look for sports and other exercises that help you build a positive relationship with nature. Observing the behavior of animals and flowers will add more calm and beauty to your routine.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a practice recommended for everyone, which aims to harmonize the body with the mind and breath through the work of posture and breathing along with meditation. Within this form of exercise, there is a technique that was emphasized by psychologist Raíssa Palmiere as great for relaxing and acquiring respiratory awareness. It consists of: “lying on a straight surface, placing your hands on your abdomen and breathing deeply through your nostrils, counting to 4 to breathe in and up to 8 to breathe out. After a few breaths, raise your hand below the chest area and repeat the same breath. When you find yourself more relaxed, raise your hand above your chest and let your breath flow normally, feeling the air flowing from your abdomen to your chest, taking a full breath.

5. Be present

It is very important to seek to be present body and soul in all activities performed during the day. Often, it is common to find yourself rambling on about other tasks that are to be done while being devoted to another function. As a technique that can help keep your body and mind relaxed, keep thinking about what you are doing. Feel the flavors of meals, contemplate the nature around you and observe the details you have never noticed before.

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