Remember Kyle Richards who played Alicia Sanderson Edwards on Little House on the Prairie is up to nowadays

Little House first aired in 1974 and ever since then this series has captured our hearts and made an impact in our life in one way or the other. It has been shown in over 100 countries across the world and many of the stars we all know today got their fame through the show.


One of the most captivating roles‚ Alicia Sanderson Edwards which was played by Kyle Richards. We saw her on our screens for eighteen episodes before she disappeared all of a sudden. The role helped her boost her career as she has been featured in other shows.

Richard married Guraish Aldjufrie in 18988 and she has a daughter with him. They separated in 1992 after which she remarried and it’s so common for Hollywood stars. She had other daughters with Mauricio Umansky and they were named Alexia‚ Sophia‚ and Portia.


Talking about her first divorce she said she felt so guilty about it owing to how she left because she couldn’t do it. It wasn’t an easy decision to make on her part‚ but at the end of the day, she knew she had to do something.

She went back to acting after having her children and when she auditioned for ER. At first, she didn’t want to take it because it’s such a small part but she ended up doing it and has been there for almost a decade.

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She has been part of other series like Real Housewives and she was nominated for an award as the ‘’favorite reality star‚’’. She never knew the show could be a big success; they all started with the first seasons then moved to five seasons and over a decade they are still here.

In one of the episodes of the Real Housewives  Victoria mentioned the trust her parents had in her and her sisters as she was given the freedom. Her mom was a rule breaker and allowed her to even drive before getting her license.

Little House on the Prairie seems to be her favorite as she always watches it together with her family.

She has always been proud of whatever she does and once admitted to having surgeries twice as her she had her nose job. The 52 years iconic actress still looks dashing as ever and we all agree on this whether you hate or like her.

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