Respect a woman

A man is born through a woman and he is raised by a woman, and he falls in love with a woman, and he marries a woman; and I’m surprised about the man who doesn’t respect a woman.

When we look back at the time of creation; God made a woman to be a Man’s backbone, helper, partner, and companion.

God saw that man was lonely and decided to give him something made out of his own flesh and blood too.

Always appreciate the women in your life, for always being there for you and being a perfect companion.

When I think about my childhood days, and how I was able to make it in this life; I owe it all to my mom and my wife.

My mother carried me for nine months in her womb; with the pain, she passed through I was born and she wasn’t less happy even though she got fat, had stretch marks, and her shape was shifted.

She didn’t care about her looks, but was just happy she brought me into the world. She took care of me even till the time I didn’t need her pampering any longer.

She went some moments on an empty stomach so that I will have food, she had sleepless nights anytime I didn’t want to sleep.

She was with me when I took my first step, said my first word, lost my first tooth and I couldn’t have been all grown if not for her.

I became an adult and life again gave me the chance of being with another beautiful soul; she became my partner, helpmate, comforter, and companion.

She didn’t fill in the space of my mom, she created her own spot in my life and filled it completely.

I couldn’t thank God enough for blessing me with these good women; I don’t know how life would have been if not for them.

I will always respect and cherish these women in my life because they make me feel whole. 

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