Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” laments his son Adam’s death from an overdose

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison’s son Adam Harrison passed away from an overdose. 39 was his age.

Creator of Pawn Stars Rick Harrison is in sadness after his son Adam passed away. When word leaked that 39-year-old Adam had overdosed and died, the TV star resorted to social media to honour his late son.

TMZ, the outlet that broke the story initially, claims that the Harrison family was informed of Adam’s passing on Friday. An investigation into his death has been launched, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department confirmed to TMZ, however no other information has been released.

“I can attest that Adam overdosed on fentanyl and died. We need to give this nation’s fentanyl problem more serious attention. It appears that nothing is being done to stop it from just flowing across the boundaries. We have to improve,” Rick stated in a statement to ET on Monday.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal was contacted by Rick’s agent, Laura Herlovich, to confirm the cause of death and the time of discovery.

In addition, she provided the outlet with a statement from the family saying, “We are deeply grieved by Adam’s passing. We beg for discretion while we process his passing.”

Rick and his ex-wife Kim have two kids, Adam, who is forty, and Corey. Along with Tracy, his second wife, he also has a son named Jake.

Since the debut of the reality series Pawn Stars in 2009, Corey has been fully involved, while Adam has stayed mostly out of the spotlight. Adam reportedly had a job at Gold & Silver Pawn, the show’s main location in Las Vegas, but he hasn’t been there lately, according to TMZ.

Adam’s siblings, Corey, his parents, and his three daughters all survive him.

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