Sarah Jessica Parker looks so beautiful in her natural look

Sarah Jessica Parker got into the show business when she was a teenager.

The 56-year-old actress was born in Nelsonville, Ohio, on March 25, 1965. Get parents divorced when she was barely of age and grew up with seven children.

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Her mother, Barbara remarried Paul Forste, a truck driver, it was hard for the family financially.

She told the Daily Mail, “The problem with talking about it is that people like to put a Dickensian twist on it as if I were an orphan. There were times when we didn’t have electricity because we didn’t pay the bill on time – we simply didn’t have the money that month – and sometimes we relied on the government for free lunches.”

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“But my parents were very clever and industrious; culturally, our lives were very rich, even though, in practical ways, things were kind of a mess.”

Her childhood no matter how rocky it was helped her achieve a lot.

“I’ve never borrowed a penny from anybody. I think it’s a real privilege to grow up the way I did, and I think my son’s strangely at a disadvantage because he’s a child of affluence, and he doesn’t know what that means.”

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Sarah always wanted to support the family and started working as a performer at the age of 8 and ended up getting a role in The Little Match Girl.

She said in an appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio, “I asked my mother if I could audition. So I went downtown to WLW-TV, which is our local NBC station, and stood in line and auditioned.

“And I was eventually cast as The Little Match Girl, and, I think it shot, it was a total of five days, and I was paid $500. And the only rule was that they get me out in time to get to my ballet class.”

Her talent was soon discovered by people and she never left the big screens after that.

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Sarah is estimated to be worth $200 million, According to Celebrity Networth.

A no-makeup photo of Sarah Jessica has left everyone speechless. She seems to be aging like a fine wine.


“I’ve never thought a lot about [my attitude to beauty], to be honest,” she told Vogue. “It’s never been that I’m without vanity – because that would be total malarkey – but I sort of think that time moves along, you buy the things you like, you learn how to put your makeup on the way you feel comfortable, and that feels most like yourself.”

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