Save your secrets for yourself

Why secrets?

In today’s world, we are encouraged to be open and honest, authentic, but how far does that go? I can tell you what it doesn’t mean. Don’t be telling everyone all of your business. There are a lot of things that are ok to keep secret from everyone. There are some things that might only be a secret from some, and others you just really don’t care about. When I was growing up we were taught to respect a person’s privacy and that seems to have gone out the window for many. I’m going to give you a short list of things you should think about keeping private, and the reason why. Even if someone asks you, you never have to answer what you don’t want to.

Your Past

The truth is, nobody will ever know what happened to you before they met you unless you want them to. Carrying forward bad feelings about other people or situations that are uncomfortable for you will always be for you to decide what to do with. If you have some negative feelings in your history, why share them now? They serve to get you riled up again, inform people of things that didn’t go well, and to carry all of that in to your present. 

Your Possessions 

We all have things that we are proud to own. We have worked hard for what we have and perhaps even deserve them, but believe me, not all people will feel like that. Telling people what you have can come off as bragging to jealous people and there are many of those around. Enjoy your just rewards on your own and with people that happen to notice. Let them all be for your own enjoyment, take pride in what you have.

Future Goals

If you have a plan for where you want your life to go, keep it to yourself. It has been scientifically proven that you will be more likely to achieve your goal if you tell nobody at all. Let everyone see what you’ve done after it’s done! You will be more successful having secret goals.

How Much Do You Make

This is one topic that I am absolutely sure of, money. How much you make can be a defining factor in a relationship. Not just a romantic relationship, but a friendship, a co-worker, and even family. Money is a subject best discussed with nobody. This secret can go one of two ways, the person asking could be jealous if you make more than them or they may even feel superior to you if they make more. Let this one stay a secret.

Good Deeds

A good deed should always be kept a secret. If you help a starving friend with groceries and then tell people, you have let down your friend and given other people information about them they shouldn’t have. More importantly, this is soul work. When you help someone it nourishes your soul, when you tell people what you’ve done, it nourishes your ego. Always choose soul over ego.


I know that being and feeling blessed makes you want to shout it from the rooftops, but don’t. Your beliefs, religion, and personal thoughts on enlightenment can offend other people who feel differently than you do. Religion on its own is completely personal and should always be kept that way. Don’t share your beliefs or try to shove them down other people’s throats. Wars are caused by this.

Keeping secrets can sound like it’s not a good thing, however, wisdom tells us all that there are many things that you should keep to yourself. There are negative words associated with telling everything you know as well, like bragging, gossiping, and tattling. Let your private life stay private, everyone will be happier.


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6 thoughts on “Save your secrets for yourself

  • Cindy Wick

    What if a family member has been undermining you for years and just now your child, shouts out horrible untruths about you…my mother was and is a very unstable person that has inflicted pain on not only her children but I am finding out that she has been reaching out to my children (her grandchildren) saying things like, your mother has kept you away from me and she’s a very bad person….saying many many untrue things… I don’t want them to know just how unstable my mother is and all the horrible things that she has done to me and my sisters… I don’t want to list a few of the top ten lol , I can also give them references, names and phone numbers to verify the real truth behind this monster of a woman… I don’t want to use the term mother because she has never been a mother to me, my oldest sister raised me and protected me from horrible horrible beatings as well as mental cruelty…..Can you provide me with any good advice please…🤫

    • Samara Lewis

      Omg I feel for you, you’re going to have to sit them down and explain things to them, try to let them know you were trying to keep them safe away from the hurt she caused you.

    • Shut your mouth

      English please. Lol

    • Elise Giarimoustas

      It is a very disturbing situation and one that needs to be handled individually. My mother and I did not get on, or with my brother. Only my sister, because she herself was a needy person. When you are young you can’t understand why you love, when the parent is so mean. We were saved from more because my father was a good man. As we got older she got worse, so that when we became adults my brother and I began to dislike her mean and her filthy behavior. Eventually, my parents divorced, that is she divorced my father. As she got older my mother became a very nasty person, vindictive and treacherous. Because she was my mother I held back from confronting her. As she got into her 80s I tried to do my duty but felt guilty because by that time I hated. Physical punishment lessened as we got older but mental abuse replaced. Even at the end when she was in hospice I couldn’t take the opportunity to tell her what I thought. But I couldn’t bring myself down. She couldn’t understand why her children didn’t like her. I advise that you at least tell you, children, the truth but not in a hateful way, but that they understand the woman is sick. I’m surprised she wasn’t reported to the authorities. Be careful she does not start on the grandchildren.

  • Nesia Woodard

    I have a friend you can say girlfriend they have three kids and all four one of them not with her been with her 3 years off and on don’t look like she wants to work doing drugs is her choice she take care of them the best you can but I see different I love and care for the family but it’s driving me crazy I’ve lost a lot trying to help I asked the Lord to forgive me for speaking on it I don’t mean to talk about what I do for a family I can go on and go on she’s a good person I think she needs someone Take her by her hand it led her to a job she’ll go I’ll take her she don’t want to get on the bus she have a car that’s down now I had it in my name I was paying for stickles when it was time for it to renew I told her I can’t do this no more I have a car myself it’s going down cuz I gave all I could give I’m out of there I just wish someone can help this family they will appreciate it someone to pick her up take them to the job they can take care of her kids I’m in tears right now I can’t finish her name Donna Rickett if you can you send her a message and let her know we care she’s 38 and she needs to get on her job would someone help cuz she’s not going to do it herself she act like she’s slow but she’s not she just got it twisted I’m 57 I’ve been there I don’t want to see this from no one that I know if I can help it

  • You should call the local DHR to protect the children and to help them all, including Donna. The next step is YOURS because you have the information! If you really care, DO IT.

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