Shannen Doherty provides a tragic update on her struggle with terminal cancer, which confirms our fears

At a recent ’90s Con, Shannen Doherty gave an emotional statement about being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Doherty reportedly took the stage at the weekend along with a number of other former Beverly Hills 90210 cast members. There were also Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, and Jennie Garth, and they answered inquiries from a live audience.

Doherty was particularly moved by the occasion because she had previously revealed in June of this year that her stage 4 cancer had metastasized to her brain.

Doherty has made every effort to chronicle her battle with cancer, sharing personal videos on Instagram and often publishing updates meant to educate and uplift her followers.

Doherty was reportedly initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, underwent treatment, and went into remission two years later. Tragically, the actress revealed on Good Morning America in 2020 that her cancer had returned and was now at stage four.

I’ll find out that I’m stage four in a few days or a week, she predicted. I’m here because my cancer has returned, so there’s that.

The actress’ journey since then has undoubtedly been challenging, but she has managed to maintain her popularity.

Last weekend, she attended a panel discussion moderated by Breanne L. Heldman, senior editor of PEOPLE, where Doherty and the other cast members had the opportunity to discuss their former programme and the phenomenal success it enjoyed.

Fans continue to be interested in Doherty’s battle with cancer, so the 52-year-old gave an update and emphasised how serious her situation is.

Every day, she contends with a battle for her life, she added.

“I really think I am great,”

Doherty also managed to crack a joke about her recent divorce, telling the audience, “My other profession is getting engaged, married, and divorced, and I’m doing that very well.”

We’re all asking for God to provide Doherty health and happiness. Check out her emotional response to receiving a standing ovation from the audience on Sunday if you enjoy reading about her.

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