Single mom takes in abandoned baby girl – has no idea she’s the biological sister of her son

Katie Page in her early thirties was already a divorcee, a situation she never saw herself in. She least expected and tried to move on after the incident.

She always had plans of having a big family, with her husband by her side, but after the divorce, a lot of things changed for Katie as well as her plans. This made her make a big decision, a route she was willing to take no matter the outcome.

Katie Page is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. After her divorce from her ex-husband, she was lost in the world, she didn’t know how to gather her life or where to start from. 

She was having a hard time moving on from her past and when she finally decided it was time to leave her past and embrace change, she made a drastic Decision.

The first thing she thought of was a change of environment, she wanted to start life over again and seek opportunities outside her comfort zone and also where she can be in the mists of her friends.

She got lucky and got a job after relocating and it seems like fate is by her side. She moved to Denver, Colorado, and started working in the commercial construction industry.

Katie never forget her plan of having a family and went on looking for ways it can be done. She loved kids a lot and couldn’t mind fostering one.

She filed for an application when she was fully convinced of what she wanted. The foster kids lined up for her were kids that weren’t wanted by kids.

A few months later, she got a call about a newborn baby boy and when she saw him, she knew that was the baby coming home with her.

It was quite difficult for her as she had no idea about motherhood and how to take care of the newborn baby. 

It didn’t take long before Katie got another phone call from the caseworker about another abandoned child and after thinking about it, Katie decided to adopt the baby girl.

She found out that the baby had a lot of connection to Grayson, hee first son. It didn’t take long before their birth mother was tracked down and a DNA test showed Hannah and Grayson were siblings.

Katie’s home was once again filled with joy and she ended up adopting Hannah as well. 

A year after Hannah’s birth, Katie got a call from the adoption agency, telling her the birth mother of her adopted kids to have another child and the baby needs a home. 

Having three kids wasn’t what Katie bargained for but she wasn’t ready to keep the three siblings apart from each other.

She ended up adopting Jackson and they have been one big happy family. It didn’t take long before she welcomed a man into her life, seems like fate keep making life better for all.

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