She was making waves in Hollywood with her blonde hair and blue eyes

When Kathleen Turner was younger, she was extremely attractive, and everyone turned their heads in her direction. She is one of Hollywood’s most attractive actresses. Turner also acknowledges to herself that her attractiveness was a significant asset.

She had blue eyes and blonde hair that was wavy. For her day, this woman was amazing. But now, she looks very different. Even some people who look at it are unable to identify it.

Despite being one of the most sought-after ladies in the world right now, she appears to be someone else. Before, she had no trouble attracting the interest of any man.

The medical professionals are certain that both the ailment and the medications she uses to treat it are caused by this. She was identified as having rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago. Although the news was upsetting, you allowed her to stand. Such a time is really challenging for an actress to experience.

The actress was cautioned by the physicians not to try to walk. She took a number of medications to try to prevent this issue, which started to change how she looked. She had to stop the medication because of this.

But her life also altered significantly over time, as did the way she looked. People were everywhere, as were their unfavourable remarks. She so turned to drinking to find the answer. She drank alcohol all the time, which had an impact on her daily activities.

Kathleen Turner claimed that when her condition worsened, she realised there was nothing she could do about it. She feared she wouldn’t get any work done. The realm of art is quite risky.

Nobody hires persons whose ailments make it impossible for them to perform their jobs. In 1990, she received a diagnosis for this condition. Things for her dramatically changed after that day.

She is aware that her life has been active. She also comments on how Lauren Bacall-like her voice was and how thick it was. She proclaimed, “I am the new version of you,” to Bacall one day.
The actress gained notoriety for her youthful attractiveness. She was aware that all men admired her. She previously stated that she thought about males who don’t perceive her as gay. In 1984, she wed Jay Weiss, with whom she later got divorced.

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