Shemar Moore gives birth to her third child, her first with girlfriend Jesiree Dizon

Third kid born to Shemar Moore; first with partner Jesiree Dizon.

The boy is now officially a father! Moore waxed lyrical on Instagram. Dreams materialise! My remaining years are here!

In a different picture, he featured the baby’s face and said, “BABY GIRL in da building!!! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, already!


The new father said, “Frankie is going to grow up to be a KILLA!!! “Watch out World, ‘Frankie Muthaf-kin Moore’ is coming!”

The 52-year-old former cast member of “Criminal Minds” shocked his Instagram followers with his “miracle” announcement earlier this month.

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Moore posted a Reel from the sex reveal celebration he and expectant Dizon attended on January 9 with the phrase “Mama’s smiling from Heaven.”

The BEST phase of my life is about to begin.

In the video, a chopper spewing pink smoke assisted the couple in learning they were expecting a baby girl.

Dizon had expressed her desire for a daughter, stating that she most importantly wanted a “healthy” and “happy” child.


The 39-year-old actress has already given birth to a son and a daughter through prior partnerships.

Dizon claimed in the social media post that she wanted “more” kids with the former “Soul Train” presenter, even though she and Moore hadn’t previously made their relationship known.

She explained, “If I have a son, we’re done. “We can have one more if I have a daughter.”

The actress previously welcomed two children.

Moore went on to say, “I’m so excited, at the time. “I apologise that she can’t be here. For a while, I was concerned that perhaps that ship had left port. God has everything planned out for me.

The former “Young and the Restless” star moved on with “Quantico” alum Annabella Acosta in 2018, after dating soccer player Shawna Gordon from 2014 to 2015.

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