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Sisters are the second version of Mother

are the second
version of Mother.
She will give you
advice, protect you
and Scold you, but
will never tolerate
if someone hurts

Well, this is true that sisters are the second version of your mother. They are the best secret keepers. They will love you unconditionally but they will never show that. In any tough time when we are not comfortable to convey or communicate with our parents then they will become a messenger for us to convey our message in a positive way. They will always give you the best advice. They will scold you, fight with you but they will protect you too. If someone hurts you badly then this will become difficult for them to tolerate. They will definitely fight for you and teach them a lesson so that other people won’t hurt you further in the future. So sisters are a true blessing for everyone.

There is no better
friend than a sister,
and there is no better
sister than you.
Tag you Sister <3

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