Sleeping beside a Loved One has its Benefits

It might sound unbelievable to think that the person beside can improve the quality of your sleep, but science has proven it to be true. You can sleep better when you are sleeping with your partner. Lots of research have been carried out, and the results have proved that sleeping is a lot more enjoyable with your partner.

Beyond science.

Apart from the fact that science has proven this to be true, there is the emotional side of this that gives it more credibility. Anyone who is married or in a love-based relationship will attest to this fact: we sleep better beside our partners. Except when you are both fighting and need some space, of course, but even at that, there is something about sleeping beside each other that makes it better. We may have wondered why it always felt better to sleep beside our loved one, well, science has some pretty good answers for us Several pieces of research have been carried out to verify this claim, and not only has it been scientifically proven, but there has also been the discovery of other benefits of sleeping beside a loved one.

Benefits of sleeping beside a loved one

It is quite comforting to have someone by your side after a long day. Even though men tend to sleep the same way, whether they are with a partner or not, and women tend to wake through the night, it is still comfortable to go to bed with someone by your side. With the right person, there is a sense of safety and peace. There is no use going to bed with the wrong person. Oxytocin, when released, causes the body to relax and induces sleep. Oxytocin s released in men after sex or even from foreplay. In women, estrogen levels are boosted. Oxytocin induces fatigue in men, which promotes deep, restful sleep. A boost in estrogen levels will cause the woman to be relaxed and encourage sleep. These hormones are not only released during sexual activities, but studies have also shown that merely rubbing against each other can boost these hormones, so cuddle up! Cuddling also helps to improve the relationship as it helps to bring the couple close. It brings a sense of belonging and love, which can result in the release of dopamine. Dopamine, when released in large quantities, drives the feeling of pleasure. Cuddling up to your partner on a nightly basis will also encourage the release of serotonin known as the happy chemical in the body. Serotine helps to improve your mood and reduce the occurrence of depression. Sleeping together improves the overall state of the relationship. It helps to boost communication, minimize fighting. Couples can resolve neve to go to bed angry, which means they have to settle all fights before sleeping. Sleeping together can reduce blood pressure levels from the release of relaxing hormones like oxytocin and estrogen. It also helps sleep by keeping the body warm. Two people in bed are warmer than one person sleeping alone.

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