Someone was “planning an accident” in Princess Diana’s car, according to a letter she wrote months before she was killed in a collision

Princess Diana tragically perished in a vehicle accident in Paris in 1997 at the age of just 36. According to earlier rumours, Diana was concerned that the Queen and her son, Diana’s ex-husband Prince Charles, were planning to break up her marriage to William and Harry just a few years prior.

But as of late, new, troubling details regarding Diana’s final years have surfaced.


Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, retained several of the Princesses’ old letters. Diana stated her concerns for her life in a few of them.

She also allegedly believed someone was preparing a fatal “accident” involving her car, according to one letter.

Princess Diana tragically died in an automobile accident in Paris in August 1997. Her sudden death stunned the entire country, leaving her boys William and Harry without a mother. There have been several discussions and debates about the horrible car accident and its possible cause.

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Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, made numerous letters from before Diana died public in 2003.

Just 10 months before to her passing, she had warned him in a letter to keep her letters safe “just in case,” warning him of a conspiracy to kill her in a car accident. Diana reportedly thought that Prince Charles was planning to remarry because of her death.

Many people have opined over the years as to whether the collision was an accident or not. Diana wrote in her letter that “brake failure and catastrophic head injuries” would be the causes of her death.

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“I’m sitting at my desk in October, wishing someone would give me a hug and tell me to be brave and hold my head high. The letter stated, “This particular stage in my life is the most hazardous,” as first published by Daily Mirror back in 2003.

“XXXXX is preparing a terrible head injury, brake failure, and collision” in my car.

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“I have been physically and mentally tormented by a system for the past 15 years, but I feel no anger. My opponents may find it difficult to defeat me because of my inner strength.

I’m grateful to Charles for subjecting me to such suffering and for allowing me to benefit from what he did to me.

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The publication at the time claimed to be aware of the identity of the name that had been blacked out but would not print it due to legal considerations.

The letter’s contents have bothered me ever since she passed away, in hindsight, Burrell told the publication.

Charles deserves my gratitude for putting me through such pain and letting me profit from what he did to me.


The newspaper at the time claimed to know who the name that had been blacked out was, but for legal reasons, they would not print it.

In retrospect, the letter’s contents had plagued Burrell “ever since she died,” he told the magazine.

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