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Sometimes I feel bad for not calling or checking up on people

Sometimes I feel bad for not calling or checking up on people, but I realize the phone works both ways and there isn’t anybody checking up on me.

I was always someone to go through my contacts and contact not less than ten people during my weekends as that’s usually the only time I have for my friends.

I was someone who could go any length for a friend, and I believed they could do the same for me.

I was never someone to care whether people reciprocate the same amount of my love I give then, I felt that them being happy was also my happiness.

Many times, I have gone for days without food in order to support them in the little way I can.

I always placed people I love above myself; I was selfless.

I was on my way to work when I had an accident that almost claimed my life. I was rushed to the hospital by onlookers, and luckily my phone and some accessories were recovered.

I woke up six days after, the faces around me weren’t familiar at all. The doctor narrated the incident to me and when I asked if any of my friends have come-by; they gave a negative response.

The numbers they called picked up, and when they told them about my condition six days ago they never came-by. I am an orphan and have no siblings either; it was quite surprising that it was strangers who took care of me, while the people I thought were family never checked up on me.

Well, life moved on and I made myself my priority; I check up on people who care about me. 

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