Sosie Bacon, daughter of Kavin Bacon, pursued a career in acting and inherited her parents’ genes and talents

Sosie Bacon is the famous actress and daughter of kavin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick who were also actors. That was the couple who showed that a couple can be together for a long time in Hollywood. Kyra was still just a girl when the couple met for the first time her brother and she had went to see a movie and that’s where they met Kevin.


In 1988 Kyra and Kavin got married and welcomed their son Travis after a year. In 1992 Sosie was born both children worked with their mother on the movie “Loverboy” directed by their dad.
However, Travis took the decision to pursue a career in music. On the other side, Sosie went towards an acting career. Sosie Was brought to the spotlight by her performance in Loverboy.

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She worked so well in the movie that it impressed everyone especially the producer James Duff who gave her many roles in movies.

Everyone was excited about her upcoming projects but she decided to have a break with all this and complete her education first. Sosie performed in a number of movies including”whishes and Hopin”, Basic witches”, and “Lady loney” . Her father was so happy when she got the Golden Globe Award at the age of 21 .

Speaking on the news channel he told: “actually sort of astounded at how easily she has slipped into this. The last couple of days, she’s been up at the crock of dawn and going around and doing interviews”.
Travis bacon is an accomplished musician and a member of punk rock-funk band . He did his education from the Evergreen college in 2011. And joined the music group black anvil in 2017.

All the start family is satisfied with their current achievement and is working hard on future projects. The parents are proud of both their children and appreciates them for the hard work and achievements they had made at such a young age.

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