Speculation about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s potential separation is sparked by a detail in her photo

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a long history together. But how they actually met was very peculiar. The former star of Suits moved to the UK to start her royal lifestyle after the two fell in love and later married.

But we all know what transpired by this point. Harry and Meghan made the decision to separate from the royal family, and in their now-famous Oprah interview, the couple attacked the royals and levelled numerous accusations against them.


Additionally, Meghan Markle made some stunning statements regarding, among other things, how she didn’t get any care for her mental health difficulties.

The couple is now settled in the warm state of California, and their lives have improved. However, rumours regarding the pair’s conflict have proliferated online.

The first date between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lasted an hour and was frank.

The couple quickly began a serious relationship, and in 2018 they got married in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor. Many people at the time thought the couple would carry the royal family into the future. We all realise how inaccurate those projections were by this point, of course.

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There have been reports about Harry and Meghan’s relationship and marriage in both Us Weekly and People, with Us claiming that there is a reason why they won’t speak out in public about the rumours of their “troubled marriage.” Overall, they don’t plan to talk about any rumours.

According to the insider who spoke to uUs Weekly, “Harry and Meghan believe that feeding into that false narrative only gives it more attention.” Despite the difficulties in their relationship, they are fully devoted to making their marriage work.

According to a second source, “Harry and Meghan’s time together has seemed like overcoming conflict on all fronts. All they do is work together. They always had relied on one another for support.

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The second source added that the one point of contention between them is that Harry misses his pals in the UK. “There’s not too much work right now for either of them, so that does cause some issues of feeling isolated,” the second person said.

“His summers were spent travelling, attending weddings, and exploring back home. Although Harry has established acquaintances there, they are not like his London friends. Nevertheless, the second insider claimed that Harry and Meghan “are together 24/7” at the moment.

According to The Sun, there have been some problems in the marriage of the Duke and Duchess. But who in a marriage doesn’t have that?


According to reports, Harry and Meghan are shopping for a home near Malibu, which suggests they want to relocate close to Los Angeles. The couple doesn’t have a five-year plan for success in Hollywood, according to a royal insider who spoke to People, and there is no set timeframe for doing so.

Instead, they decided against giving their family a life as royalty. For however long it takes, everything else stems from that [desire to create a life outside of it].

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Regardless of how well Harry and Meghan’s marriage is or isn’t doing, what happened last week sent royal fans into a frenzy. The Duchess went out to lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday with Kadi Lee and Cleo Wade.

Regardless of how well Harry and Meghan’s marriage is or isn’t doing, what happened last week sent royal fans into a frenzy. The Duchess went out to lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday with Kadi Lee and Cleo Wade. Given that Meghan turned 42 on August 4, 2023, it was probably a belated birthday party for her.

Fans noticed something was missing from a photo of the three of them that her buddy Kad uploaded on Instagram. Meghan’s diamond ring was replaced by a gold band.


The marriage was the subject of rumours that spread quickly, making a divorce seem more probable than ever. There are, however, a number of additional explanations for Meghan’s lack of an engagement ring.

Co-founder of the dating app So Syncd Louella Anderson suggested that it might just be a case of trying out a new look.

She told the Mirror that Meghan Markle “has always had her own unique sense of style.” It’s possible that her choice to switch out or take off the engagement ring represents her changing preferences or need for something new. She prefers to keep her style pretty simple and traditional and doesn’t go overboard with her jewellery. She can be expressing her desire for a less dazzling appearance by taking off the ring.

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