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Spend time with the right people

Time is life. Each second of our time is our life because the future depends on what we do now.

People often seem to underestimate the value of time, especially when spent with the right person. You can’t buy time; it’s priceless. So one someone gives you their time, deem yourself special.

Time can be slow and feel like it’s dragged at times. It is an experience we all have felt one way or the other in our lives. Most times in the lecture hall we always pray for the lecturer to end his lectures, but it often seems to look like time is in his favour. It appears endless and doesn’t seem to be moving.    

Time can be pretty fast when we do things we love, like our passions and career or spending time with people we love.

There is always that one person we can spend the rest of our lives with and still won’t feel like it is p to a minute. We feel like time is on the run when we are together with that person.

Times spent with the wrong person build the greater part of our memories that we often seem to be smiling at them when we remember those lovely moments.

Times spent with loved ones seem like a paradise. Without even knowing it, we seem to forget the world and its troubles. Every storm in our life looks like it is in the past. We so much dwell in that lovely moment and forget our worries.

Time spent with the right people is like a gold mine. We never get to understand the growth and smile it brings to our face knowing that someone loves and is ready to spend their time with you.

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