Startling conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s absence surface

Kate Middleton’s recuperation is going as expected, according to Kensington Palace. According to the palace, the Princess of Wales was “doing well” on Tuesday.

It refuted any issues pertaining to her subsequent to William’s subsequent decision to rescind his royal obligations. Some had speculated at the time that it might be related to Kate’s illness.

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The Princess of Wales must be doing as well as possible because she has already left Adelaide Cottage with her family, even though she won’t be returning for at least another month.

Conspiracy theories about what is going on have taken over the internet, though, as the palace hasn’t spoken much about her. Saying that some theories are unquestionably more wild than stars.

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For instance, Concha Calleja, a journalist, revealed on the programme Fiesta that Kate’s life was in “great danger.” Furthermore, according to Calleja, Kate and William’s house was transformed into “virtually an entire hospital” during the healing process.

According to Calleja, “the complications that arose at that moment forced the doctors to take drastic decisions.”

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“I’m beginning to wonder if it would be worthwhile for them to think about releasing something that was taken in a quiet, private moment, just to let people know that she’s okay.”

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