Daily Quotes

Thank you for loving me

Dear God, please hear our cry for Your mercy. We’ve been broken, sad, worried and afraid for so long. We see and hear on the news there is no end in sight. I believe in my whole heart You have the power to end the turmoil we are all facing.

Lord, I’m afraid for my children, my grandchildren, my parents, everyone in this world including myself. Please show us this will end quickly through Your grace. So many people are losing their loved ones all across the globe. We are feeling unsafe to leave our house. We should not be living in fear. Please replace my doubts and all my worries with your peace and love. Thank you, God for keeping my loved ones safe and I trust you’ll continue to shield them through the days and weeks to come. Thank you, Lord, for listening to my heart and protecting us and providing our needs during this pandemic. Amen

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