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The comfort hugs bring

The comfort hugs bring is unexplainable. You have to be in each other’s arm, and that minute feels like you are the only one in the world.

Long-hugs can be comforting and soothing. It can make one let out a series of built-up pains and worries. The value of a hug is often underestimated.

You can never understand the effect it has on one until you receive it from someone you love. No human is an island; we all need the help, and the comfort others bring.

Our actions are always intertwined with that of others. Always be there for each other, you can never know a hurting soul until you offer them a hug or a listening ear. You can save someone today by sharing a hug; it doesn’t kill. Some people are perverts; be careful whom you hug.

When you see a soul who needs to give it to them; I have seen someone who prevented a suicide with just a hug. She already left a suicide note at home and was on her way to end her life. All the people she ever loved always treated her like trash; she felt she was a waste and didn’t deserve to live.

She felt the whole world was against her as no one ever cared to check on her or her welfare. She just wanted to end the painful living. An old friend who always had an interest in her decided to confess to her that same day. He met on the way; the look in her eyes wasn’t an encouraging one. He saw pain and the zeal to end it all. He couldn’t let his love go away like that. He ran up to her and held her close to his heart.

She struggled to free herself, and he didn’t want to let go. She broke down in his arms and started telling her stories and letting out her pains. Hugs always have a significant effect on someone; still share you can save a painful soul.

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