The Feral Kid from ‘Mad Max’ wasn’t allowed into the theater for his premier – this is him at the age of 50

After appearing as the Feral Kid in Mad Max, Emily Minty looked like he had a promising career in Hollywood.

Emil Minty was born in late 1972 in New South Wales, Australia. Minty’s sister was signed to a talent agency and she insisted that Emil be given the same hand, luckily he got his shot at fame.


Emil landed his first role in a lemonade commercial and the next one was that of Feral Kid.

Emil recalled in a radio interview, “My next audition was for the Feral Kidd in Mad Max 2. It came down to about three kids out of many, and we were asked to come up with a story on how we became the Feral kid out in this wasteland.

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My short story was that we were flying with my parents in a plane, landed, had no fuel, dad went to find fuel and never came back, mum went to find dad, never came back, and I was left to defend myself. And well, that’s how it all began.”

“I was just eight years old, and I was just having fun, surrounded by these crazy guys in costumes and all these cars in the desert. I was just playing around and jumping into cars, just had an amazing time.”

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Minty didn’t speak one word in the movie, but he got everyone’s attention.

During the shooting of the movie, Minty’s mother never left his side for a moment.


“My mom spent all the time with me at Broken Hills for about three months. She would ground me before I was about to go on and do a scene. She sat me down, and we did breathing exercises and relaxed and calmed down,” he recalled.

Minty couldn’t attend his premiere because he was 8 years old at that time.


Minty told Yahoo, “We received a letter to inform me that I was unable to attend the premiere due to the film’s classification being R-rated.”

As minty grew up he knew he didn’t want to be in Hollywood and chose another career part.

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“I just got more interested in having a secure job and getting a trade,” he said. “So I just sort of faded out of the movie and television industry, and I still work in the jewelry industry and for the same person today 25 years on.”

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