The final words Prince William ever spoke to Diana tear our hearts

The news of Princess Diana’s passing shocked everyone. The “People’s Princess” was mourned by millions of people throughout the world, and her funeral became the most watched broadcast in history. Many people believed they had lost a relative. But for some people, it was the case.

When their mother passed away when they were still young, Prince William and Prince Harry made a legendary trek behind her casket as she was laid to rest.

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The accident happened when the brothers were at Balmoral, and what happened the next day was nothing short of a major shock.

The day before their mother was killed in a horrible car accident in Paris, Prince William and Prince Harry chatted with her. The Prince discussed their mum in an interview.

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Princess Diana’s automobile collided in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France, at around 12.23 in the morning on August 31, 1997. She was accompanied by a driver and bodyguard as she left the Ritz Hotel in a car with her boyfriend, the film mogul Dodi Fayed, who was of Egyptian descent.
They collided in the Paris tunnel at a high rate of speed while being followed by paparazzi photographers.

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Howard Hodgson, a biographer and the author of Charles: The Man Who Will Be King in 2007, claims that Diana felt that Queen Elizabeth and Charles intended to keep her apart from her children.

According to Hodgson, who was reported by Express, “She was well aware that the Queen had the constitutional right and authority under common law to take control of both boys’ care and education.”

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As a result, if she decided to burn all her bridges with the Royal Family, Diana could become the boys’ guardian or even nominate one; this person would likely be their father. If this happened, Diana might be excluded from the group.

Queen Elizabeth never planned to remove Diana from her sons, according to Hodgson. Diana, though, was convinced that the Queen and Charles “had already hatched such a plot and were only waiting for the right moment to execute it.”

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Whether Diana was near her house or somewhere in the world, William, Harry, and her always stayed in touch. The evening of August 30, 1997, when she called her kids from Paris, was the same.

William and Harry revealed more about their last conversation with their mother in the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, however Harry claimed he couldn’t recall what they discussed.


But all I can recall is regretting the call’s briefness for the rest of my life. The things I would have said to my mother if I had known that was the final time I would talk to her, according to the now-separated Duke of Sussex.

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