“The human barbie”: This is how she appears without makeup

That didn’t exist when I was younger, but now it seems like everyone knows someone who has had plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery and injectables are no longer considered taboo, which may be a good thing. Not long ago, it was something that everyone was aware of but no one talked about.

And as long as it increases self-esteem and makes people feel better about themselves, I have no objections to people having cosmetic surgery – but sometimes you wonder if things haven’t gone a little too far…

Valeria Lukyanova, commonly known as the “Human Barbie,” went it a step further by transforming herself into a doll.

Some people choose to get plastic surgery to change their looks, but Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova completely transformed her appearance.

Valeria, who was born in Romania, rose to fame in 2013 for her similarity to a Barbie doll. It all started when she won the global beauty pageant “Miss Diamond Crown of the World.” Lukyanova has since appeared in a number of documentaries and periodicals.

Initially, her tale was largely covered by Russian media, but Lukyanova quickly gained a global following on social media. Her internet fame grew as she shared images and videos of herself.

“At first, I didn’t enjoy it since there was too much focus.” Several folks even followed me and discreetly photographed me. That bothers me. But, over time, I grew accustomed to it. People are often asking to take my picture. “I’m not going to decline it right now,” she explained.

Her doll-like body both attracts and horrifies people, and many regard her as an extreme example of society’s ideals of perfect beauty.

Valeria Lukyanova’s story was covered by Huffington Post and ABC News in 2013. She claims to be of “Eastern Baltic, but closer to Nordic” origin.

Her YouTube channel skyrocketed as a result.

Many viewers were startled and reacted angrily to the young model, who had converted herself into a human doll.

“She’s not just ugly, but ludicrous,” one person wrote.

According to the International Business Times, another person said, “A woman with totally beautiful looks is a boring woman.”

Skepticism has always surrounded Lukyanova’s body. Others were sure that the young woman carved out her waistline with plastic surgery or retouching.

Valeria, on the other hand, claims that her physique is the result of a doctor’s knife.

She claimed she simply had breast implants. The remainder of her physique is natural and slender as a result of daily gym sessions and a tight diet. She has also denied having her ribs removed in order to reduce her waist size.

“It takes years of hard effort and decent genes… “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I live a healthy lifestyle; my objective is propelled by prana,” she stated in the video “Doll’s beauty is not everything.”

Valeria occasionally shares a more real and authentic side on social media.

Valeria appears to be an entirely different person when she posts images of herself without the excessive layers of makeup.

Isn’t it fascinating to see her “true” face for the first time?

Yet it’s simpler to comprehend her when you see what’s underneath the carefully painted surface. Her views on beauty and physical ideals also reflect her spiritual side.

“Beauty, to me, is the harmony of features and lines.” Subtlety and astuteness. External and interior harmony. Sincerity, love, power, and charity spring from inside. All of these attributes are motivating, and they alter your appearance. “It’s a charisma,” she explained to InStyle.

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