The iconic husband who stood by his wife after a fire destroyed her face

Turia Pitt is a former model who got caught in a forest fire while during an ultra marathon in Australia 6 years ago.


The doctors said there were chances that she wouldn’t survive the accident as over 64 percent of her birthday was badly burnt.

Turia’s boyfriend Michael Hoskin quit his job as a police officer to take care of her after the accident. Michael knew he was never going to leave her side, he was always there for her and protected her.


Turia has undergone 200 operations since the accident, and lost seven of her fingers too. She was asked to stay two years in recovery.

In 2020, she was interviewed and opened up about the horrific event when the flames trapped her during a 100km event in remote Western Australia.

“I remember seeing bits of my skin stuck to the rocks and spinifex,” Pitt said and explained that she felt a “bubbling feeling of panic.”

“When Turia was in intensive care four years ago I bought a diamond ring,” Michael tells The Daily Mail.

He proposed to her in 2015 while they were on a vacation in Maldives and they got married in 2016.


Turia had to wear a mask on her face for two years to help her injuries heal. Slowly but surely, she began to recover. “You’re beautiful”, Michael tells his bride every day.

Going to sleep next to my partner I never thought anything of before. Now I think how lucky am I get to sleep next to this beautiful man. He’s a good guy and I’m very lucky to have him,” Turia Pitt tells the Daily Mail.

“Every day I wake up beside Michael is a great day.”

Michael’s kind of person is very rare and we wish him all the best. He has proven that beauty isn’t about Physical looks, it’s about what the heart says.


The couple is trying so hard to build their live and make it worthwhile.

“She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her. She just wants to get on with her life,” Michael tells “She’s beautiful, she’s amazing.”

When Turia announced that she was expecting her first child, it caused a media frenzy as many people have been keeping up with the pair.

Their healthy son was born on 7 December, 2017 and it didn’t take long before they welcomed baby number 2.

The life of the couple is an inspirational story that keeps reminding us that love conquers all things.

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