The justification for Prince Louis’ decision to skip Christmas lunch with the other royals

Christmas is almost here! That entails spending the holiday at Sandringham with loved ones for the British Royal Family.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will undoubtedly enjoy a weekend filled with festivities, presents, and delectable fare. They might not stay with their grandfather, King Charles, and Camilla for very long, according to sources.

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The Royal Family will experience emotional ups and downs this year because it will be the first time they celebrate the holidays without their beloved Queen Elizabeth. However, there’s no doubt that the magic of it all enchanted the kids.

The Royal Family has various customs, some of which date back many centuries. Even the royals’ Christmas meals are often the same when it comes to Christmas.


Unfortunately, it appears like the kids will have to enjoy Christmas lunch alone this year, including 4-year-old Prince Louis. At least, that’s what Mike Tindall claims.

For the royal family, Christmas has always been a special occasion. Queen Elizabeth adhered steadfastly to her yearly customs for many years. She used to spend a significant portion of the first week of December at Buckingham Palace, where she handed Christmas gifts to each member of her staff and went to a carol service in the Royal Mews.

The adult members of the Royal Family will eat Christmas lunch at seven separate tables. In a podcast interview from 2019, Tindall described the seating arrangement.

“Are promotions and relegations made in accordance with the year’s performance? Because if there is, I presume you are seated roughly on Her Majesty’s right side,” Tindall remarked.


I was seated at Prince Charles’ table, and it was beautiful.

During the large Christmas lunch, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis spend time with many of their relatives. That includes Mia, Lena, and Lucas Tindall, children of Zara and Mike Tindall.

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There were seven tables there, so there must have been roughly 70 of us for the family lunch. The children each have a small child in a separate room, Tindall said.

The Royal Family enjoys afternoon tea and presents on Christmas Eve, just like many other families throughout the world.

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The Royal Family enjoys letting loose and exchanging lighter gifts with each other in addition to “regular” gifts.

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