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The kind of people you need in life

Life doesn’t give us a chance to meet good people twice, so make sure that when you meet the right kind of people, and keep them forever.

The kinds of people you need in life are people who will never be ashamed of walking down the same lane with you even if you are at your worst.

You need someone who will see the good in you and help you explore your potentials. You need someone who will hold you as you pass the crucial moments of your life.

Don’t make friends with people who do not have the same dreams as you do.

I never believed that I could write and speak eloquently in public; I grew up amid people who saw no good in me. Many times, a youth seminar was held and a talent show was one of the programs; I always wanted to participate, but I was never allowed to.

My previous circle laughed at the idea and I allowed it to sink into me, that I can never be what I want. Along the way, I met girls of my age who were doing great, and I decided to be part of them.

They weren’t into writing or public speaking; they were artists and dancers, but they supported my dream.

Even when I make mistakes; they will tell me I’m doing perfectly fine and there’s room for improvement.

Be with people who will make you see the good in you, bring out our skills and help you explore them; that’s the kind of people you need in life.

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