The miraculous recovery of Naomi Judd from Hepatitis C

The 76-year-old singer and songwriter, Naomi Judd will always remain one of the greatest artists to ever exist.

Naomi Judd was born on January 11, 1946, in Ashland, Kentucky.

Her childhood and teenage days were quite turbulent as she got pregnant at the age of 18 to her then-boyfriend Charles Jordan.

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Charles wasn’t interested in having a child and she was left to raise the child on her own.

She had her daughter, Wynonna Rider in 1964 just a few days to her graduation ceremony out of high school.

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She had to do numerous jobs to raise her daughter, ranging from working as a nurse, an actress, a model, and a secretary.

In 1968 she got married to Michael Ciminiella and had Ashley not long after.

Their marriage ended 4 years later and Naomi was again left to raise two daughters.

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She moved to California where she enrolled in a nursing school and the night worked as a waitress to make ends meet.

Naomi Judd explained, “We’re talking serious poverty, there were times when I didn’t know how we were gonna eat, or how I was even gonna pay the small rent that I paid… It still amazes me how I did it.”

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After getting a degree in nursing she went on to become the head nurse in an ICU.

Wynonna and Naomi always had a thing for music and it didn’t take long before they were signed by a record label. During the audition, it was a hard moment for Wynonna.

Wynonna Judd recalled, “It felt very much like going to the principal’s office, I was used to singing; I wasn’t used to being in a boardroom full of men. Joe remembers me taking my guitar out of its case just like it was a gun in a holster.”

She continued; “I could sing in front of 10,000 people, as long as I had my guitar. I was like ‘Xena’ with a guitar. It was my protection, it was my weapon. It was my best friend, it was my purpose for anything and anybody.”

It didn’t take long before fans recognized their potential and gave them the accolades they deserved.

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At the age of 44, Naomi was forced to retire especially after getting diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

She had to start her interferon treatments and just four years later she was said to be cured of the ailment.

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Naomi Judd said, “I am a medically documented miracle. In 1995 I was cured of the hep C.”

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