The mother of Justin Bieber tells why she did not have her kid terminated when she was 17 years old

Pattie Mallette experienced numerous challenges as a young woman and had to make difficult decisions.

Her recently published book, “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom,” sheds light on the violence she endured prior to falling pregnant at a young age.

Mallette is candid and forthright in her memoir about how difficult it was for her to overcome her tragic past and begin a fresh life for her son, Justin Bieber.

Pattie Mallette’s new book, “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mum,” discusses the harsh conditions she faced prior to becoming pregnant.

She stated that it is common for those who have experienced sexual assault to feel ashamed and guilty, as she did.

Mallette eventually attempted suicide after becoming overwhelmed by the burden of drugs and alcohol.

This was the result of years of suffering compounded by heavy substance abuse, which aggravated the situation.

When Mallette discovered she was pregnant with her son Justin at the age of 17, she was advised to abort the pregnancy, but she felt it was impossible.

Despite her determination to make it work and her real faith, she chose to keep him and provide him with the best life possible.

Mallette felt like he was singing a beautiful song when he first heard Justin’s sobs. Mallette described it as a delicate ‘A hah, a hah,’ and all she wanted to do was hold him and shower him with love at the time.

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