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The People With the Worst Experience Sometimes Bless the Most

Naturally, life works in a tit for that way. It works like this: If you have been hurt, you will hurt others, if you have been treated unkindly, you will be unkind to other, if you have not received generosity, you will not be generous and so on. Thankfully, humans are not generally like that. A lot of times, we expect people to deal with the hand they have been dealt with. When we see people who have suffered in some way, we expect them to become their situation. It does not always happen that way. Man has his good and his bad side, and it is whatever side we feed that takes precedence. There are people in this life who have not followed this trend. They do not allow their actions to be influenced by what they have been through. I have seen some beautiful actions from humans who have had the ugliest experience. There are some people whose actions are contrary to their realities.

Generosity from those who have little

Sometimes, the most generous people you will ever meet are those who do not have money. It is obvious that they do not have money as much as they should, yet you find them going out of their way to give. These people give from the little they have. They do not allow their lack of funds to become a determining factor or restriction to their giving. When such people give, it is not because they want to show off or be philanthropic. They give genuinely from their heart. Such generosity is the most heartfelt.

The uneducated are sometimes the wisest

We sometimes equate getting a formal education with wisdom. Unfortunately, this is not true. The fact that a person is educated does not mean that they will be wise. You sometimes find the most profound wisdom among people who have never been within the four walls of a school. They might have had some form of informal education, but they have never been to school. Yet, when such people speak, it is with wisdom that cannot be taught in school. We find ourselves being drawn to them because they speak wisdom.

The hearts that hurt are sometimes the kindness. When we are hurt, it can be understood that we will want to lash out. Some of us might actually manage not to lash out, but we will not be going out of our ways to be kind to anyone in a hurry. There, however, exists a set of persons who do not allow their experience to cause them to be unkind. Sometimes, you will be shocked to discover that the person who has shown you the most kindness is going through some serious hurt. These people should either be healing or getting back at those who have hurt them if they were to act their natural self. They don’t. They take all their hurt and channel them as kindness. It is incredible how they can still show so much kindness despite what they have been through and are going through.

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