The photo studio that shot the automobile photo of Kate Middleton and Prince William responds to rumours

Internet detectives have been working nonstop since Christmas to figure out exactly what’s going on with Kate Middleton.

Although Kensington Palace has made an effort to dispel the rumours, if anything, its efforts have made matters far worse for the royal family.

The picture agency linked to one of the recently surfaced images of the Princess of Wales has now made a statement. See what they had to say by continuing to read.

Following her apology for the altered Mother’s Day photo, Kate Middleton was allegedly seen driving out of Windsor Castle with Prince William in tow, heading for a “private appointment.”

Normally, people would have accepted the picture at face value, but once Kate revealed her confession, many started to have doubts, and soon after, conspiracy theories started to circulate online.

The photo’s agency, Goff Photos, maintains that the image is authentic despite innumerable hypotheses to the contrary.

According to NBC News, the agency announced in a statement on March 12 that “images of the Prince and Princess of Wales in the back of the Range Rover have been cropped and lightened” and that “nothing has been doctored!”

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