The popular child star Angus T. Jones, Where’s he today

Jones as jack Harper a cute and sweet little boy from the famous American television “Two and a half men. T.Jones as jack Harper was sweet boy but a little silly and dumb.

He was born on 8 October 1993 and studies from The university of Colorado Boulder. He won many awards for his hardwork . He was awarded for the best young artist in 2004 for his most popular play ” two and a half men ” The series of ” two and a half men ” was all about hedonistic jingle writer ” Charlie Harper”.

But due to some issues Angus Turner Jones left the famous platform two and a half men . When headlines were made for his dramatic statement. Turner apologized that he never intended to hurt anyone feelings .

After he left the play , many of the people assumed that he had died , which was not the reality. But soon he told in an interview that the show ” two and a half men ” provided him a script which was totally against his beliefs of Christianity.

He also was the paid younger actor in the history of Hollywood. But he told in his statement to all his fans not to watch ” two and a half men “

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