The Queen Consort Camilla catastrophe

When visiting the recently opened Royal Osteoporosis Society offices, the Queen Consort gave a speech about a subject close to her heart.

The Queen attended a reception alongside invited guests to show her appreciation for the work done by the Royal Osteoporosis Society. Because of her mother, who was 71 when she passed away from the illness in 1994, she places a high value on charity.

The disease claimed Camilla’s grandmother in 1986.

In an interview with Gloria Hunniford for the BBC in 2021 to commemorate World Osteoporosis Day, the Queen Consort Camilla discussed her mother’s battle with osteoporosis.

She recalled how a buddy had accidently broken one of her ribs while entering the building to offer her a hug. Really, it was that bad.

Camilla discussed the purported aging-related defects of her late mother, Rosalind Shand. “I suppose my mother visited just about anyone you could imagine, and they all said, ‘Sorry, you’re old,'” She was basically shrivelling up in front of us as we watched.

The illness also impacted Camilla and her family. It was awful, she said. We briefly considered the question, “Well, is she making a big deal out of all of this?” because we were unaware of the circumstances.

Given how ill her mother was, Camilla said, “Sometimes when she moved, or you touched her, she actually screamed.

Since then, Camilla has made a significant effort to raise awareness of the disease and is now a spokesperson for the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

She believes that education is crucial. Although I would want to see more young people educated, I think we all assume we are immortal when we are young.

Instead of just saying, “Poor old bats, that’s what will happen to us when we get old,” you know, I’d like to see more young people comprehend it.

Gloria enquired of Camilla if she was concerned about the future of her family. I think the generation of my daughter is open,” she stated.

But they’re becoming teenagers, you know. I would display images of my mother both before and after she was given an osteoporosis diagnosis. I would force them to look at photographs and warn them, “Look, if you don’t care, that’s what will happen to you.

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