The same thing is said by all royal enthusiasts in regards to the latest photo of Prince Louis

The fourth Christmas has just passed for young Prince Louis. The heir to the British throne made an appearance alongside his brothers Prince George and Prince Charlotte during the Christmas Day Service at St. Mary’s Church along with their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

It is generally known that Kate Middleton and Prince William have done everything within their power to ensure that their children have a typical childhood. That covers every aspect, from having a “regular” Christmas to going about daily tasks at home.

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However, a recent image of Prince Louis apparently worries royal admirers. On Christmas Day, the 4-year-old made an appearance outside the church wearing clothing that royal admirers were very critical of.

The Norfolk estate of Sandringham House is where the royal family has always spent the Christmas season. Every year, Queen Elizabeth would take the train to her country residence. From there, she sent over 750 Christmas cards per year to her loved ones, friends, other members of the royal household, and elected leaders.

Therefore, I believe we can find hope for the future in this life-giving light and with the true humility that resides in our service to others, regardless of what level of religion you have or don’t have.


The four-year-old prince wore a purple pair of shorts and a blue wool coat. People worried that Louis would be cold because his legs were exposed to the frigid December weather. Some even suggested that it would make him more prone to becoming sick.

One Twitter user commented, “Prince Louis looks gorgeous except for the shorts,” according to The Sun.

It is completely absurd to apply such an outmoded and sexist fashion standard on a chilly day. There are blankets covering the chairs.

“Why is Louis wearing shorts on such a cold day?” a third individual chimed in.

A third person wrote, “Poor Prince Louis in the cold with tiny shorts.”

Why was Prince Louis dressed in shorts, then? Well, it all comes down to custom, just like with many other aspects of royal life.

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, the attire is a 16th-century tradition.

He told Harper’s Bazaar that “dressing a young youngster in shorts is extremely English.” Shorts for young boys is one of those quiet class identifiers we have in England, whereas trousers are for older boys and men.

“A pair of trousers on a young boy is regarded pretty middle class — quite suburban, even though things are progressively changing. Furthermore, no respectable aristo or royal would want to be associated with the suburbs, said Hanson.

And this isn’t the first time royal supporters have expressed worry over the attire of the royal kids.

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Prince George wore a blue suit and tie earlier this year when he went to the Wimbledon men’s final with his parents.

Three hours were allotted for the game, allowing photographers plenty of opportunity to get some fantastic images of Prince George in action.

He appeared to be enjoying watching two of the best tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios, compete on the storied Center Court. He was laughing, picking his nose, and talking to his parents.

However, images appeared to also capture George in discomfort. The young prince was obviously feeling the heat that day when temperatures in London rose to a scorching 28C (82F).

George complained to his father, “[It’s] too hot.”

You’re hot, aren’t you?” William said in response. Today is a really warm day. It’ll be alright.

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Twitter was used by Royal admirers to express their opinions. One person commented, “Poor child having to wear a suit in this hot heat.”

“Why, in this heat, are they dressing him in a suit and tie. He’s a boy, not an adult,” a different person said.

“Poor Prince George, he must be boiling in that suit,” a third person remarked.

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