The Secret Service in The White House had a nickname for Melania Trump

After Donald Trump lost the presidential election in 2020 Melania Trump’s tenure as the First Lady came to an abrupt end.

Melania Trump left with her family to Florida after they left the White House even though it’s rumored that Donald Trump might come back in 2024.

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They have created a home in Florida and Barron Trump will be resuming in his new school Oxbridge Academy.

The school’s Director of Advancement Scott Siegfried said, as quoted by People, “We look forward to welcoming him into our school and community.”

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The school wrote on its website, “We are committed to providing both merit scholarships and generous financial aid to attract the most qualified students and to make Oxbridge financially feasible.”

Recently, Grisham – who also worked in the First Lady’s office has revealed a lot about the Trump family in her new book titled, I’ll Take Your Questions Now.

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The family has had its ups and downs and one notable one was when Trump yelled at his wife for putting on a jacket with the text “I DON’T CARE, DO U?”

Then, Trump and his administration were under fire due to their policy of separating migrant children from their family members.

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Melania wore the jacket to a migrant housing facility in Texas and they hoped her visitation was going to solve the problem but it only led to them abandoning the program.

When Melania got back from Texas, Donald Trump yelled at her because of her choice of jacket.

Grisham wrote in her memoir, as reported by The Washington Post, ” He yelled and asked “what the [expletive]” they thought they were doing.”


In an interview with CNN, Melania decided to talk about the jacket.

“It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children,” she said. “I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. And it was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me.”

Grisham also claims that the First Lady didn’t like her office as it was located in the East Wing and is a part of the Executive Office of the President. She only came to the office a few times and preferred working from home.

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Grisham said, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic, “Mrs. Trump was working from home long before the country was.”

“When warranted, we would have in-person meetings, but those generally took place in the Map Room across from the elevators to the residence. There we would plan out schedules, respond to pressing queries, and discuss goals. Other than that, the first lady kept to her rooms in the residence.”

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Melania spent most of her time as the Executive Resident, and she was rarely seen before 10 am as she spends a lot of time taking care of herself and getting enough sleep.

“She believed that relaxation was central to one’s beauty regimen, as were, of course, spa treatments and facials.”

The Secret Service nicknamed her “Rapunzel” as she never descended from her tower.

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