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The son of Roy Rogers- the king of cow boy’s, recalls what his father did before passing away

Roy Rogers, popularly known as the king of cowboys passed away in 1998 at the age of 86 and his legacy lives forever.

Roy Rogers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on Nov 5, 1911. He was raised on a farm so it wasn’t surprising when he turned out to be an animal lover.


Rogers never graduated from school he dropped out to work in a shoe factory in other to support the family. He went on to work as a gravel truck driver and as a fruit picker as jobs were hard to get by.

Roy also had the talent of a musician as he knew how to play the guitar, and his passion was to entertain people, but there was another hurdle in his path.

Rogers said in an article from 1953, “I was shy from my boyhood days when we lived on the Ohio River in a three-room houseboat built by my father. Our family–Mother, Dad, and three sisters–later settled on a farm outside Portsmouth, Ohio. Dad worked in a shoe factory, while my sisters and I helped Mother run the farm.”


He continued: “We kids went to a one-room schoolhouse, which was just an even hundred yards from the Baptist Church. By the time I was ten I could call a square dance and play the guitar. But to get up and talk before a class, or just a few people, would make me take off across the cornfields.”

He was scared of public speaking.

He managed to conquer his fears and turned out to be a successful singer and guitarist.

Roy seems to be good at everything as he took the Hollywood industry by surprise. He was so good at acting that one will forget that he was a singer.

President Eisenhower departs Easter services with his wife Mamie, cowboy singer-actor Roy Rogers, his wife Dale Evans, and the Rev. Dr. Edward Elson pastor of the National Presbyterian Church. (Corbis via Getty Images)

In 1944, Roy appeared alongside Dale Evans in Cowboy and the Senorita.

A year after the movie, he got married to Dale Evans. The couple has helped each other grow. Dale brought Roy closer to God and often thought him to pray before his speeches, which slowly helped him overcome his fear of public speaking.


Roy Rogers passed away in his home in Apple Valley, near Victorville, California, 60 years after his first film.

His wife and children were beside him as he took his last breath at the age of 86.

Dusty Rogers recalled the last word his father said and the last thing he did.


“He stood up in bed and said: ‘well, Lord, it’s been a long, hard ride.”

He may be gone but never forgotten, may he keep resting in Peace.

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