The true reason Kate Middleton was barred from contacting her mother following the birth of George

Following an abdominal operation, Kate Middleton spent two weeks in the hospital before returning to her family at Adelaide Cottage.

The fact that she is now able to travel is undoubtedly a positive indication of her rehabilitation, as the family of five has spent several days at Anmer Hall for the kids’ half-term.

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Although Kate has stated in the past that she despises being in the hospital, she has had a number of experiences there throughout the years. Not least because she gave birth to three children, the first of whom was Prince George in 2013.

The world was curious to hear the whole story of George’s birth. The friends and family of William and Kate were eager to hear the news, but it turns out they weren’t the only ones.

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Before Kate Middleton saw her kids again, she was admitted to The London Clinic for two weeks. No parent will disagree that spending two weeks away from their own children is easy.

Fletcher went on to question Kate about how long it had been since she gave birth to George and then posed on the steps of Lindo Wing.

“Oh my god, I’m forgetting.” In response, Kate said, “Everything kind of blurs together.


“I think, yeah, I did stay in hospital overnight,” she said in closing. It was one of the hottest days and nights I can remember, with massive thunderstorms, so I didn’t get much sleep, but George did, and that was fantastic. I couldn’t wait to leave the hospital because I didn’t want to spend my time there because I had so many memories of there from being unwell. I was so quite anxious to go home.

The arrival of George signalled the birth of a future king. Security and maintaining privacy are crucial for any royal birth. The family has numerous rigorous restrictions that they must abide by, much like in many other parts of the royal realm. This also applies to welcoming a new family member, and one guideline may seem harsh for Kate.

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When George was born, Prince William was with his wife, and you can only image how happy they were to see him for the first time. Rules kept the couple from telling everyone that the delivery went well, even though they undoubtedly wanted to. Kate was not even permitted to break the good news to her own mother. Why? According to royal protocol, one person must be informed first; in this instance, that person was Queen Elizabeth.

According to royal custom, no one can learn about the impending monarch’s birth until the reigning monarch has been informed, as stated by OK! Magazine.

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Kate was therefore unable to inform her parents, relatives, or acquaintances until Queen Elizabeth was informed. According to Cosmopolitan, Prince William called the queen after George was born using a specially secured phone.

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