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The Unique Aunty-Niece Bond

Aunties are like our moms, but way cooler. Well, not all Aunts, though. Some of them remind you of the wicked witch of OZ. This article is, however, for those Aunties who can be nominated for Aunty of the year awards. Your Aunty can either be maternal or paternal; that means she could be your Dad’s Sister or your Mom’s Sister. Whichever side of the family tree your Aunt comes from, she will be quite important to you. As the bond between Mothers and their Daughters, there is a unique bond between Aunties and their Nieces. Aunties are like second moms to their Nieces and Nephews. While an Aunt will definitely love both her Nieces and Nephews, there is a special bond between her and her Niece. When the relationship between the Mother and the Aunty is solid, you as the Niece will benefit from it. The Aunt’s role. The Aunt’s role is quite a unique role. She straddles the fence between Mother, Friend, and Sister. When the Aunt is closer to the Mother’s age or even younger than the Mother, it is easier for her to form a bond with her Niece. Your Aunt will hug you like a Mother. She will play some mom role to you. When your mom is not around, your Aunt can actually fill in up to a certain extent. The unique role she occupies makes it easy for her to also be your friend and confidante. She can also be like an alternate sister to you. Your Aunt can be the person who bridges whatever gap that might arise between you and your mom. When you find yourself telling your Aunt more secrets than your mom, it is not because you trust her more. It is simply due to the bond you have with her. It is natural to see her as more of a confidante than your mom. The Bond between Aunty and Niece. Although slightly similar to the bond between Mother and Daughter, the Aunty –Niece bond has its own attributes. The Aunt knows her Niece for as long as the parents will have known her, especially if she is close to them geographically. She will probably have been part of the pregnancy also. This means that your Aunt will most likely have known you since you were a fetus. She will have started bonding with you from your mom’s womb. Growing up, you will always find yourself having a kind of bond with your Aunt. You are well aware that she is not your mom, but you also see her as someone who is special to you. The bond between an Aunt and a Niece is a lifetime bond. Regardless of whatever falling out might happen, the bond is still there. An Aunt will always be there for you. She will probably be your best confidante all throughout her life. No matter how far you go, geographically, you and your Aunt will always have that bond.

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