The William and Kate infidelity rumours have finally been resolved, and the information verifies our suspicions

Kate and William seem to be the most ideal couple. The Prince and Princess of Wales met while attending the University of St. Andrews, and despite some challenges along the way, they were able to get married.

The two now have a fantastic family. King Charles is not getting any younger, therefore only time will tell when William should take the throne.

RICHMOND, UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 17: Kate Middleton watches Prince William compete in the Chakravarty Cup charity polo match at Ham Polo Club on June 17, 2006 in Richmond, England. (Photo by Indigo/Getty Images)

In addition to their pals, Prince William and Princess Kate genuinely appreciate connections. But a bombshell allegation involving William and a purported lover shook the royal family a few years ago, leaving admirers in astonishment.

In addition to being another lady, it was also one of Princess Kate’s closest friends. What actually happened, then? And to whom is this alleged?

While attending St. Andrews University, Prince William and Princess Kate met. Before meeting one another, they each had lovers, but it soon became clear that their connection would be unique.


They both resided in St. Salvator’s Hall and went to the same lectures and classes there. They later moved in with some friends in a private home during their second year, where their love grew.

It’s crucial to stress that nothing has been confirmed to begin with. In Touch, an American magazine, claimed in April 2019 that Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley and a close friend of Kate’s, was the lady with whom William “may” have had an affair.


The “falling out” between William, Kate, and Rose was covered by tabloids. According to In Touch, when Kate told William about the rumours, he “laughed it off,” insisting that they weren’t genuine.

Richard Kay, a royal specialist for the Daily Mail, chose to address the rumours at the time and claim they were all untrue.

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“Both sides have pondered taking legal action, but they have decided to disregard it because none of the reports have been able to provide any evidence about what the alleged argument is about. These damaging fallout rumours are untrue, Kay wrote.

The rumour spread like wildfire, and the Daily Mail stated that Kate would “phase out” Rose Hanbury from their friend’s group the next year, in 2019. Rose’s proximity to William and Kate, membership in their social group, and even the proximity of their homes in Norfolk didn’t exactly help.

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Houghton Hall, where Rose and her husband apparently reside, is not far from William and Kate’s vacation residence in Anmer Hall, which is said to have 106 rooms.

Tatler claims that Rose has a long history of relationships with the royal family. Lady Elizabeth Lambert, Hanbury’s maternal grandmother, was one of Queen Elizabeth’s eight bridesmaids when she married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1947.

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