The young couple’s reaction the Queen’s passing was “difficult,” according to Meghan Markle

In recent months, there have been ups and downs for the Royal Family. While the entire world lamented the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the family prepared to assist Prince Charles in his ascension to the throne.

The matter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was yet another problem the family was dealing with. There have been rumours of hostility between the couple and the Royal Family ever since they left the throne. Now that the Queen has passed away, Meghan Markle is talking openly about what it felt like to return to the royal family.

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After getting married to Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan Markle married into the Royal Family. While working as a member of the Royal Family, Markle opted to put her successful acting career on hold.

Ever before she began to hold the position of working royal, Meghan Markle has had a reputation for being rather contentious. The couple was well-known for discussing their difficulties as employed members of the Royal Family and how “The Firm” treated them unfairly.

The couple shared some lesser-known details about their time as working royals with Oprah in a tell-all interview. Prince Harry said in the interview that he was completely cut off financially from his family. He claimed that in the first quarter of 2020, he did not get any money from his family and was forced to rely on the funds his late mother, Princess Diana, left behind to protect his family.

Meghan Markle revealed to an obviously concerned Oprah that she had even considered suicide at times. She pondered receiving inpatient care for herself, but Buckingham Palace rejected the idea, stating that it “wouldn’t be healthy for the institution.”


The couple became increasingly frustrated with the Royal Family and “the Firm” that made all of their decisions as they witnessed what they perceived as being given to them in an unfair manner.

Harry claimed in interviews that despite lying to protect certain members of his family, the Firm never even addressed the blatant fabrications about Meghan that were making the rounds in the media.

The pair came to the conclusion that this might be related to racism because they had encountered it repeatedly both in their own family and in the British media. They discussed a conversation in which an unknown member of the Royal Family asked them if their unborn first child would be “dark-skinned,” which the Royal Family was purportedly concerned about.

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With the justification that there wasn’t enough money to go around, the couple was left without any financial support. After squabbling, they were informed that Meghan might resume performing to make money.

Because of all of these factors, Prince Harry and Meghan had to painfully decide to leave the Royal Family’s employ and strike out on their own.

They did not, however, intend to sever links with the members of the Royal Family itself despite departing as working members. In fact, Prince Harry admitted that his father ignored his calls during the same interview with Oprah. But Harry continued to put in effort and affection.

Despite having permanently relocated to the country, the young couple nevertheless chose to live in California. Harry claimed in an interview with James Corden that he had not been this close to the Queen in a long time. stating that they would frequently video call her.

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The couple also discussed how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were the subject of a narrative that was mostly false and damaging to them, despite the fact that Prince Harry had relocated his wife to another nation. The Duke has been candid about his wife’s struggles with mental illness while serving as a royal and how he decided to leave his life as a working royal in order to protect his family’s wellbeing.

He said that “the British press was ruining my mental health.”

This is poisonous. Therefore, I acted as any decent father and spouse would. I feel as though I must leave immediately for my family. However, we never left, and I won’t leave no matter what choices are made on that side, in my opinion. Even though I live a life of public service, I will always be making a contribution, no matter where I am in the globe.

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People were interested in what this would mean for the Sussexes and to what extent they would be involved in the funeral and subsequent arrangements related to the Queen’s death when news of her passing reached the newsstands due to rumours that the Royal Family was upset with Prince Harry for leaving the fold.

Members of the Royal Family are talking openly about their experiences now that their duties in the wake of the Queen’s passing are over.

Recently, Meghan Markle spoke about her experience in an interview with Variety Magazine. There has been such an outpouring of love and support, she stated in the interview. I’m so happy that I was there for my hubby during that difficult moment to assist him.

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What’s so lovely, she remarked, “is to see the legacy that his grandma was able to leave on so many levels. She is unquestionably the best illustration of what female leadership looks like.

“I feel tremendous gratitude to have been able to spend time with her and get to know her,” the commenter continued. It has been a difficult period, but my husband, who is always upbeat, stated, “Now she is back with her spouse.”

“I’ve thought about the first official engagement that I had with her, how amazing that felt,” the commenter said. I’m grateful. And I still feel honoured to have gotten along well with the family matriarch.

When word of the Queen’s bad health and eventual death broke, the Sussexes were already in the UK for a professional engagement. Harry quickly boarded an aircraft after learning of his grandmother’s condition and flew to Balmoral Castle to visit her and his family.


The Royal Family is shifting its attention to other responsibilities now that the Queen’s funeral has taken place. Meghan claims that the Sussexes, who were once employed as royals, are also keeping active. She stated during the interview that “at huge life moments, you acquire a lot of perspectives. It prompts you to consider where you want to direct your attention.

Meghan went back and discussed incidents that had occurred in the past and generated a lot of buzz on social media. specifically her conversation with Oprah Winfrey. She made some significant admissions during the conversation, including her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts as well as how Kate had once made her cry. She discussed the interview’s aftermath and her feelings of anxiety. She talked about the first gathering she went to following the interview.

Even before to the interview, she admitted, “I hadn’t been out since I was so pregnant. A few days after it aired, I only really recall Gloria Steinem’s birthday.

“At what I thought was just going to be a quiet and private birthday lunch, I truly wanted to congratulate her.


“I saw us having sandwiches in this cabin where she was staying. Instead, it was a spectacle—which, incidentally, she merits. However, it had been a while since I had really seen anyone, and the interview had only just been published.

“It’s never easy for me to enter a room by myself, and I recall feeling a little uneasy. Pamela Adlon approached me and greeted me with such warmth and generosity that it stopped me in my tracks before I could let my uncertainty persist.

She talked about how she felt secure and supported around those women. “She showed me around the room, and I could feel greater kindness and affection at every turn,” I said. Maybe it’s just a reflection of the company Glo maintains, but I also believe that these women went above and beyond to make me feel so welcome.

“I feel like they absolutely understood how I needed to feel at that precise time. It was really important to me and still is. Never undervalue the importance of female support and sisterhood.

She continued by outlining the life she and Prince Harry have created for their kids. The couple, according to her, are “commuters” who must travel two hours to get to their appointments in Los Angeles.


“Our offices are joint. As most individuals began to do during lockdown, we do our business from home. It enables us to spend a lot of time with our children at this incredibly important stage in their lives. This time can never be taken back. I make the kids’ breakfast, and we prepare them for the day.

We participate in a lot of group calls and Zooms, but we also strive to separate up the tasks that require the most concentration so that we can do more. My partner lives in a time zone with a 24-hour cycle, which means that half of your life is spent sleeping and the other half waking up. It’s somewhat the opposite of what I experienced while living in the UK.

He excels at texting back and forth. I strive to respond to emails as quickly as I can. I always advised doing something right away if it would only take a few minutes.

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