Their lives were permanently altered by a wedding photo

This is the life tale of Emma and her husband. Their lives have never been the same since they viewed the wedding photographs.

Emma, 33, wed Justin Cotillard, the man she loved. There had been extensive planning for the newlyweds’ honeymoon. Sadly, their wishes will be fulfilled in an instant, and their lives will never be the same.

Early one morning, Justin started berating Emma and shouting at her to leave his residence. Emma, who was seven months pregnant and hence emotionally vulnerable, reacted violently to her husband’s conduct.

However, this was just the start, and things swiftly became worse. “He didn’t remember that I was expecting our first child.” He thought I was a complete stranger,” Emma said.

Justin was only 29 years old, but the symptoms were very bad. They had to decide to postpone their honeymoon, so they sped out to the hospital.

It was discovered after a thorough examination that Justin had an extremely severe malignant tumour on his brain. He was told by the physicians that he had no more than two years to live.

The shocking news left the young couple in disbelief, but they quickly understood that in order to allow Justin to meet his child, they would need to be resilient and work as a team.

On the day Emma gave birth to their baby, Mia, Justin started therapy and was unable to be with his wife. However, the illness was spreading swiftly, and all of their goals were disintegrating. “The doctors gave my husband two weeks at home before he went away.”

Twelve days later, Justin passed unexpectedly, leaving his wife in tears and his infant daughter without a father.

Nothing could be done to stop the tumour because everything transpired so quickly. Emma disagrees, saying, “You can clearly tell that the right half of his face is a bit lower, looking at the wedding photos today.”

Emma decided to share her story in an effort to encourage others to get medical help immediately away if they notice even a minor symptom that might be cancer. We can all learn from Emma’s tragedy because early tumour discovery can lengthen and even save lives.

Please share this article to help Emma’s message reach as many people as possible. Every life counts, and maybe someone needs to hear this story to help save someone else’s life.

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