This 21-year-old is raising her 5 siblings on her own after they lose their parents to cancer

Responsibilities are part of everyone’s life. Sometimes we take it by our own choices but sometimes the situation put it on our shoulder. And sometimes the responsibilities comes in an extremely unexpected way and early age. Where you are left with no other choice and have to do it.

A girl from Florida Samantha Rodriguez and her five siblings lost both of their parents due to cancer diseases. Her mother passed in 2013 due to cervical cancer.

Their father took care of the family afterwards. But unfortunately died after three years due to lymphoma.The time got tough for Samantha. She realized that being an elder sister it’s her responsibility to look after her siblings.

“My reality [was] I’m 17 but these are my brothers and sisters, and when I looked at them, I knew that they’re children,” Samantha told The View.

“They’re vulnerable and they need an adult, so I became their adult.”She was aware that her siblings might be sended to the street foster home. But she rememberd the promise that her mother had done with her father.

Therefore she decided to do her best to keep the family united.”I knew what I had to do,” Samantha said about her decision to CNN. “I learned so much from my mom.

I was like her sidekick. I learned what it meant to raise a family.” Going on, she said, “When we lost her, I knew that I wanted to be just like her in every way. That’s what I wanted to do for the kids.

“So, the now 21-year-old spent the last few years providing for Destiny, 7; Bella, 9; Michael, 12; Brenda, 15; and Milagros, 16. She kept them fed, clothed, and attending school regularly, almost entirely by herself.

She goes to college and is a part time waitress. There is a reason behind getting back to school. “I can’t tell them to be successful in school if I wasn’t. So that’s when I decided to go back,” she explained.

“When I [graduated] the kids were very proud of me and they came to my graduation and it was amazing.” It was important to her that they understood the value of education.

“I didn’t know people who graduated high school or went college, and I didn’t have that direction so it was hard for me,” Samantha said.

“When I realized that I wanted the kids to finish and that I wanted them to be successful, I was like I need to give them that example and show them.”

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