This is all that is known about Camilla’s younger sister, who has worked for King Charles for many years

We can all agree that Camilla Parker Bowles’ life has had its ups and downs while living in the Royal Family’s world.

It all started with her scandalous affair with Prince Charles, which made Camilla the object of hatred for a sizable portion of the British people. She was able to regain some of her popularity after she wed the future King. She will be formally crowned Queen Consort during Charles’ coronation the following year.

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Despite the numerous turbulent situations, Camilla’s family has always supported her, especially her obscure sister Annabel Elliot.

The siblings have frequently crossed paths within the Royal Family over the years. Camilla is the older sister. As siblings, Camilla and Annabel had their share of intense disputes as kids, but they were able to keep their relationship intact.

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Despite this, rumours suggest that Annabel and Camilla’s husband, Charles, have occasionally had disagreements.

Annabel Elliot and Camilla were spotted together just a few days ago at a gathering. Do you think they resemble each other as much as we do?

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Over the past ten years, Camilla, Queen Consort, has grown in prominence within the British royal family. She will assume even more duties after King Charles’ coronation, when she will be formally crowned.

Camilla’s sister has collaborated closely with the prince and current King since since Charles and Camilla’s wedding, during which Annabel was present for portions of their Scottish honeymoon. She was initially hired to work on Charles’s 2006 purchase of Llwywormwood, a home in Wales.

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The Telegraph reports that between 2005 and 2008, Annabel Elliot received more than $380,000 for her efforts. Some lawmakers believed it to be a case of cronyism, but Charles had a different perspective.

No tender was present. She is known to the Prince, who admires her work. An official representative for Clarence House at the time declared Annabel Elliot to be an experienced interior designer.


Annabel also contributed to the Duchy of Cornwall’s Isles of Scilly vacation rentals. She was hired by the then-Prince Charles to serve as his estates’ main interior designer.

She oversaw a 2012 project to transform a “run-down barn building” on the grounds of Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland, into an elegant guesthouse. She has created a total of 12 Duchy of Cornwall cottages.

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Camilla and her sister just had an engagement together and are still very close. It is obvious that Annabel Elliot and the soon-to-be Queen are related because they both attended the Booker Prize for Fiction presentation at the Roundhouse in London. They are extremely alike in appearance!

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