This is Jeanne Covey from ‘My 600-lb Life’ Today

”My 600-lb Life” over the years has helped a lot of find balance in life and regain their health. Being a participant in the show is no child’s play and requires a lot of effort and commitment.

It requires courage and bravery as a participant are always asked to speak openly on why they are obese.

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Jeanne Covey became one of the casts who stole our hearts and had us glued to the show. She weighed 600 pounds at the beginning of the show and her condition was extremely critical.

Many often worried about what might become of her. The Texas native’s journey didn’t follow the traditional pattern and I guess that’s what grabbed our attention the most.

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If you’ve watched “My 600-lb Life”, you will know that the participants are helped to lose weight then, they are guided with the necessary tools to live healthily and have a longer life.

Jeanne Covey’s story was one of the most heartbreaking episodes in the history of “My 600-lb Life”. Her childhood wasn’t any better and she found solace in eating. Her unhealthy relationship with food continued even after her childhood stage.

At the age of 40, her life was already in danger as she weighed 700 pounds. Jeanne was entirely dependent on her parents as she wasn’t mobile and couldn’t do anything by herself either. The house where she stayed was very unhygienic.

Jeanne’s parents had to help her with everything. Her mom had to use a washcloth on her as she couldn’t fit in the shower. They sought help everywhere, but they couldn’t find any solution for their daughter.

Luck was on their side when they found out that Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, from ”My 600-lb Life” has his office just a few hours drive from their house.

They sort for his help immediately. Jeanne just wanted to have gastric bypass surgery, so as to reduce the size of her stomach to that of a peanut but failed to realize that isn’t even the solution.

She failed to realize her eating habit was the problem, something Dr. Now pointed out while talking to her. ”If you want a different life, you have to be ready to do something about it.

You are responsible for your behavior and your eating habits,” he said. Jeanne was asked to lose some pounds before undergoing surgery.

”When I started the show I had already cut back on my eating, I wanted to get a head start I knew from being a fan of the show that I was going to need to cut down a lot.. so I started eating less and eating healthier…,” Jeanne wrote on her Facebook page.

Jeanne was so happy to go through this course, but not until her mother, Barbara fell sick and had to go through surgery. When she was getting better and realized she hasn’t heard from her husband in a while, called in immediately only to discover he had passed away.

This was a sad moment for Jeanne and Barbara. Jeanne didn’t have the strength to go on with the weight loss journey and wanted to drop out. ”I talked to my mom and we both decided we’re not going back to Houston,” she said at the six-month check-in on the program.

“With my dad gone, we can’t leave the dogs alone and I can’t go by myself. So I’m just not in a place to do Dr. Now’s program. I know I have to lose weight and I don’t have a lot of time, but I don’t know what to do about it right now.” Jeanne was the first person not to complete Dr. Now’s treatment and that’s what made her case unique.

Jeanne found out she lost 32 pounds since the journey began, a huge start. Dr. Now suggested she sought professional help elsewhere and also to get a mental coach. A lot has happened since she left the show and has tried to maintain a low profile.

On her Facebook page, she decided to let people know how she’s doing. “I’m down to 388lbs,” she wrote. “So you don’t need to private message asking my weight.. here it is.. I’m doing great, going out more,” she wrote.

She seems to be doing quite great, moved to Texas and got herself a boyfriend. “Hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of December…

Not going into all the details But for Christmas Ill be sharing some new pictures of me and my new Beau… not giving too much info as I’d like everyone to respect his privacy but sharing some good news with everyone who has been in my corner ..”

She has got her life back on track and she’s absolutely loving it.

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