To help is human- Dad and twin sons cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks – donate it all to those who need it most

The internet is filled with lots of disheartening stories, here’s something to make your day.

Once in a while, there will always be people who will continue proving that good people exist and no matter how bad and gloomy the world may look they are people who were always trying to brighten your day.

Shane McDaniel and his twin sons Henry and Harrison have melted the hearts of many with their acts of goodwill and they can’t stop praising their genuine efforts in making the world a better place.

Facebook / Shane McDonald

Shane spent a great deal of his childhood harvesting firewood with his father and he couldn’t wait to recreate such memories with his twin boys.

The family, who live in Lake Stevens, Washington, had their work cut out for them in the wake of a heavy storm.

As Shane explained: “I had a lot of wood I had to cut because of storm damage and trees that were taken down. It just kept piling up and piling up. Once it got to be such an amount of wood we decided we could do something better with it.”

They were able to find a better option for the woods and they won’t just do away with it, but also create memories while doing that.

McDaniel, speaking to PEOPLE Magazine, said: “The Pacific Northwest is a pretty rugged area, it’s cold and wet. Once I started, I saw the need and my eyes were opened up. So many people were stopping and asking to buy it and we just started giving it away.”

The process ran from March to October 2018 and they were able to fill 80 trucks. Wow!!!!


Posted by Shane McDaniel on Thursday, 8 November 2018

The post gathered a lot of attention and many couldn’t stop talking about the family’s generosity, some volunteered to help in the wood distribution.

Facebook / Shane McDonald

“It’s a pretty wonderful thing to see. You can just see this feeling of pride and sharing that I don’t think they had before,” Shane said.

“When you do good things for people, they don’t forget. I love helping people.”

You know that Good feeling right?

Shane McDaniel and his sons have melted the hearts of many with their generosity, we celebrate them.

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