Tom Sizemore, the star of Saving Private Ryan, died at age 61

At the age of 61, renowned actor Tom Sizemore, famed for his tough-guy roles in films like Saving Private Ryan, passed suddenly.

Despite his success in Hollywood, he had a long history of legal troubles and addiction concerns. Sadly, he passed away on February 22 after experiencing a brain aneurysm on February 18.

Tom Sizemore, an actor, was receiving medical care while in a coma. His family was advised to consider having him put an end to his life by doctors on February 27 after they informed them there was no chance of recuperation. Regrettably, Sizemore’s manager, Charles Lago, announced in a statement to Variety that the family decided to remove his life support on March 3.

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The actor Thomas Edward Sizemore (a.k.a. “Tom Sizemore”), 61, died quietly in his sleep today at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, according to a statement released by Lago. The twin brothers Jayden and Jagger (17) and his brother Paul were by his side.

According to Variety, his brother Paul Sizemore expressed his “great sorrow” over the passing of his big brother Tom in a statement. “He was enormous in size. More than anyone I know, he has had an impact on my life. He was gifted, kind, and generous, and his wit and storytelling prowess could keep you amused for hours. I will always mourn him and am crushed by his passing.

On November 29, 1961, Tom Sizemore, a native of Detroit, Michigan, began his career in Hollywood with small parts in films including Born on the Fourth of July, Point Break, True Romance, and Natural Born Killers. He later became well-known for his appearance in the 1995 heist movie Heat and for playing a recurring character on the television programme China Beach.

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But Sizemore is best known for playing Sgt. Mike Horvath in the acclaimed 1998 Steven Spielberg World War II movie Saving Private Ryan.

Despite Sizemore’s accomplishments, his addiction issues and legal issues drew more attention. He acknowledged having battled addiction since he was 15 years old, first with booze, then cocaine, and finally heroin. He claimed that he went to narcotics so he could conceal his inebriation from others and feel comfortable in his own body.

I drank first. Then I was like, ‘Hey, look, let me find a substance where I feel comfortable in my own skin,'” he told the Associated Press. “People could tell if you were inebriated. Though I did. The drug I discovered was known as cocaine. I engaged in it briefly. Later I discovered heroin, which was an even better drug.

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He was convicted of domestic violence in 2003 after hitting his former girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss. He was sentenced to probation, therapy, and anger management classes as punishment. Yet after failing drug tests while on probation, he was given a 7-month sentence in prison.

He was arrested in 2007 while still on probation for a previous conviction, four years later, for having methamphetamine. He pleaded not guilty to domestic abuse charges stemming from an assault on his girlfriend in 2017. The same year, a lady accused Sizemore of sexually assaulting her when they were on set when she was just 11 years old; Sizemore disputed the accusation, and the lawsuit was ultimately dropped. Last but not least, Sizemore was arrested in 2019 for misdemeanour drug possession.

For many years, Sizemore has been candid about his battles with addiction and his attempts to maintain sobriety. Though his efforts to stop using narcotics date back to 1991, they weren’t generally publicised until much later. He has had multiple relapses following extended periods of abstinence, despite his best efforts.

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Sizemore says that Robert DeNiro, who played his co-star in the film “Heat,” was crucial in helping him achieve sobriety in his 2016 memoir. DeNiro advised Sizemore to get assistance at a rehab facility because he was in danger of passing away.

“I entered to see my shrink, and when I did, I noticed that there were so many individuals there… I get comfortable as Bob [De Niro] enters and says, “Alright. Well, we may now chat. Now pay attention, I’m not a psychiatrist. but a police officer walks in, telling you that your only options are rehab or prison.

Sizemore is survived by his 17-year-old twin sons Jagger and Jayden. Janelle McIntire, Sizemore’s ex-girlfriend, is their mother.

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