Tragically, an 18-year-old passes away a few weeks after failing to graduate from high school

Following the tragic loss of an 18-year-old high school student who fell during her graduation ceremony, a town has been left in mourning. Tragically, it has been reported that 18-year-old Sienna Stewart, who had a transplant eleven years prior, was diagnosed with heart failure in April.

Since she was four years old, Sienna has had severe cardiomyopathy, and early this year, she started “getting sick.” She was said to have been able to lead a “relatively normal life for 10 years” following the aforementioned transplant, but after that she began “getting weak and slowing down.” Mother Saevon Chum disclosed that her daughter would occasionally pass out; one such instance occurred on Thursday, May 23, 2024, during her graduation.

Credit / West Cobb Funeral Home

The principal of Hiram High School is heard yelling, “Just give us a second, please, we have a student, just give us a second,” in a video that the school has posted. Saevon found her daughter receiving care from paramedics when she arrived.

The mother recalled, “The ambulance was already there when I got there.” “She had passed out. She’d experienced another incident. However, this was the first time she passed out.

After a few minutes, Sienna became conscious again and made the decision to go to her ceremony rather than the hospital. “It was all she could say to me, ‘I just want to walk and graduate.'” All she wanted was that, according to Saevon, because she had already missed her prom due to her hospital stay before to that. Sadly, on June 12, only a few short weeks after getting her diploma, Sienna passed away.

“As a mom, you feel so proud because she just fought through something that hurts her. You have to be proud. Till the end, I was proud,” Saevon said.

As per Sienna’s obituary, the young woman planned to attend college and was on course to study sonogram tech in the fall.

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